Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deep Water, Ice and Snow

Pine Creek - Around Cedar Run, Pa.

Have fun out there and enjoy the clean fresh air, but watch your step as you recreate this winter season. Take Mother Nature for granted and she can come up and bite you on the ass. Despite the inherent dangers, some well prepared folks say that winter can be the best time of them all. But you might want to read the following story before you venture forth...

Tiadaghton State Forest - Seven Degrees Below Zero

Lantern Cabin


Agrontrutta said...

Thanks for the timely article. Already have had -8 F here on the northern plains. And, winter has not officially begun.

Stay warm my friends.

Wade Rivers said...

I remember Janis Moss' story about packing their late season elk hunters out of Salmon Forks in the "Bob" in early November when it when it was 10 below.

The coldest I ever personally experienced was -28F in the village of Blackwell on Pine Creek in January of 2009. The entire width of Pine Creek was frozen so solid you could seemingly go ice skating on it . The big chill indeed.

Anonymous said...

I am going flyfishing with Salmon Forks outfitters in September 2014 in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. I am looking forward to this adventure.....I read the article about what happens when the cold weather bites you...painful.

Wade Rivers said...

September in the Bob is the best of times.

You'll be in fine hands with Salmon Forks Outfitters. Mark and Janis Moss know their way around the Bob backcountry and their hospitality and wilderness savvy are unsurpassed. I think I put on 10-15 pounds during a 7-day trip.

Hike upstream from camp along the South Fork for about a mile and you'll come to a section of the river known as Murphy Flats. There's some real nice dry fly water up here. The ripening huckleberries along the west bank were a nice addition to my sack lunch in mid August.