Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jupiter Rising

Carter Camp - Potter County, Pa. 

Fall has unofficially arrived here in central Pennsylvania, so Glen and I took our annual fall camping trip up to the dark skies of Cherry Springs State Park in Potter County this past weekend. The weather was refreshingly cool and crisp but the streams were a little on the low side in the Kettle Creek and First Fork drainages, so instead of fishing we cranked out a few glorious miles on the Susquehannock Trail where it drops down into Hogback Hollow and the headwaters of Cross Fork Creek. Cloudy Coudy skies moved in at night and put an end to any celestial observations we had planned for the two evenings that we were camped at Cherry Springs. It was a three dog night, overnight lows dipped into the upper 30's while the daytime highs barely made it out of the 60's. I barely made it out of the 60's myself, but that's neither here nor there right now. The only angling we did was for a brief couple of hours on Penns Creek at Poe Paddy on our way home. Penns was in excellent shape for autumnal angling and flowing at about 550 CFS when we were there. We caught a few (stonefly nymphs) and we missed a few. The highlight of the whole trip was spying a sow black bear and three tiny cubs suddenly dart across Poe Valley Road while my camera was securely stowed in it's camera bag. What else is new?

Cherry Springs Campground

Cherry Springs Campsite

Sugar Maple

Cloudy around Coudy

Cherry Springs Fire Tower Cabin

Susquehannock Trail at the Cherry Springs Fire Tower

Hogback Hollow

Beaver Meadows

Highland Hardwoods on the Susquehannock Trail

Cherry Springs Vista

Cherry Springs Sunset

Dark Skies

Pine Creek at Slate Run

Pine Creek Around Jersey Mills

Floating on Pine Creek

Penns Creek

Star Party

 CCC - Cherry Springs State Park

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