Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Different Kind of Fall Bounty

Even for a flatlander, this is as flat as it gets. Elevation Zero. Sea level. The autumn migration of striped bass navigating their way south along the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

A gentle northeast on a falling tide:

He hit in the wash of the first wave, a mere roll cast away. He would’ve taken a deceiver or surf candy as readily as this Hopkins. I cursed myself for not bringing the 9 weight:

Others who are better connected to the vast communications net that is a part of the modern surf scene and can drop what they’re doing and chase the blitzes will catch more. Live liners and bait chunkers may catch bigger fish. But I’ll take this 31 incher and the solitude of a near deserted barrier beach. This is New Jersey, for crying out loud, the most densely populated state in the country. Now gimme a fist pump and enjoy what little is left or the guidos will lay a beatin’ on ya.

Lord Stirling’s Beach – Summer retreat of my hometown Lenni Lenape. Hangout of pirates, privateers, smugglers - and an itinerant Pro Staffer: