Monday, October 04, 2010

October Rain

Everything needs water to survive. The fall rains have finally arrived in earnest here in central Pennsylvania and not a moment too soon. Aquifers that had dwindled down to their base flows during this past summers drought have been at least partially recharged, the smell of woodsmoke is in the air, the leaves have started to change colors and while the days are now noticeably shorter than they were a few months ago, the nights are refreshingly cool making for some great camping & clicking weather. Oh, and the fishing is pretty good now too.

Photo credit: Glen G.

Give 'em Bread
An army travels on it's stomach. Glen G. serves up some mouth-watering, knee-buckling, marinated London Broil sandwiches.

Mountain Hardware©
Wade Rivers only uses the best when in comes to camping & shooting in demanding field conditions. I'm giving three (3) thumbs up to the good folks at Mountain Hardware©. This tiny stuff sack holds Wade's 20 degree Fahrenheit Mountain Hardware© Ultra-Lamina sleeping bag. It's mummy style configuration is filled with MH's proprietary Thermic-micro insulation that is welded in place to eliminate piling and cold spots and increase loft where you need it the most. Clear skies on Saturday night brought the overnight low temperatures down into the low 40's. Combine a quality sleeping bag with a good 4"-6" air mattress and I was nice and toasty like a cinnamon bun as I drifted off to the white noise of Penns Creek at 1,100 CFS. Had 2 extra wool blankets with me and didn't even need them. I laugh in the face of cold weather now - I'm easily amused.

Get out there and enjoy it while you still can. You know who you are. That's right, I'm looking right at you this time!