Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Beartooth Country

Absaroka Range
Where are the words? Sometimes I think it's better if I just just shut the flip up and let the pictures tell the story. Plus, even though this installment is only half finished, I wanted to get it out there before WikiLeaks gets their hands on it and beats me too it.

The following photos reflect a recent day I spent tramping around up in the Beartooth Mountains to escape the summertime heat down in the lower Yellowstone River Valley. I didn't catch any dramatic light but it was still fun just the same. The ambient temperature up top never got above 60F, the winds were at times strong enough to blow a Burlington Northern boxcar off the tracks up at Browning, the mosquitoes were well.......ubiquitous and by the time I got back down the mountain to Red Lodge the entire plateau was engulfed in a raging summer storm. I saw the whole thing play out in my rear view mirror, which is really the best way to watch a Beartooth storm play out. Thanks for looking.

Beartooth Highway

Climbing out of Red Lodge.

Still climbing... I'm no Charles Kuralt but I think I counted 11 switchbacks. But who's counting?

Up close and personal.

Dancing in the wind.

Dang Forest Service and their "Let it Burn" policy! Pretty soon there won't be any trees at all left in the West.

Boulder River
Around the Chippy Park shipping corrals.

Top of the World

Around Nye, Montana.

The upper Clarks Fork Valley.

"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves."

-John Muir

One love, people!


Mark said...

Great Stuff Wade! I have been enjoying the whole series. I will have to make my way out to Montana in the near future. I am sure the pictures do not do the actual thing justice.


Planettrout said...


Next time your around Nye...try onre of these:


Great photos!!!

PT/TB :-)

Wade Rivers said...

Thanks Mark. It's fun to just let Mother Nature expose herself in front of the lens. I know TRIW would do Montana right and look forward to that day.

Wade Rivers said...

Consider it done. That's a killer looking pattern that has obviously earned it's "pole position" spot in your fly box. I have no doubt it will catch the eye of those Beartooth Front trout in much the same way it caught my eye.

Thank you very much for sharing it, and thanks for stopping by.

JohnW said...

Once again Friggin amazing!!!

Glad to see you weren't on the grizz buffet over near Cooke.
Now I have a serious hankering for the smell of sage and a western wind in my face.

Wade Rivers said...

I have a serious hankering for a 5 day/60 mile float through a limestone canyon up around White Sulpher Springs.