Sunday, May 09, 2010

Fair Warning

You know, wishing won't make it go away...
Hoping won't do it
Praying won't do it
Religion won't do it
Philosophy won't do it
The Governor won't do it
The Supreme Court won't do it
The President and the Congress won't do it
NASA won't do it
The UN won't do it
The sun and the moon won't do it
God won't do it
And I certainly won't do it

That leaves YOU
You'll have to do it

The Monkey Wrench Gang


Chief said...

They got us mountain folk seeing $$$$$$$. They got the politicians seeing $$$$$$$. They got the business folk seeing $$$$$$$. The folks that run the Clinton Co. Country Club pulled a slick one recently. Seems the gas company couldn't get a permit to draw water out of the Club is selling them water from their permit. Katie bar the door.

Mark Twain said...

Whiskey is for drinkin', water is for fightin' over!

GregG said...

I'd expect Alan Shepard to go blastin' off in his Mercury-Redstone rocket with the size of them thar gantries.

Wade Rivers said...

For some reason I always thought it was Scott Glenn who blasted off in that Redstone rocket. I guess I wasn't reading the "right stuff" when I was growing up.

Bowhunter said...

Just so they stay out of my part of the valley