Monday, April 19, 2010

Grannom Summit 2010

A photo journal of the 2010 RBF Pro Staffer's Grannom Summit held this past weekend at Poe Paddy State Park on Penns Creek in the Bald Eagle State Forest. The weather at times was downright gnarly, the fishing itself was at best, arduous, but the food, drink and the good company would warm the hearts and minds of all of the borderline hypothermic Pro Staffers who came out and braved the natural elements with nary a complaint. I don't think I've ever been more proud of these guys.

The Chief's new preferred mode of transportation.

Photo & Catch Credit: Mike B.

Night School
Nocturnal Education

Photo & Catch Credit: Mike B.

Travels With the Chief

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Coming up next: Wild ramps, tramps and brook trout from Potter County.


Matthew D Dunn said...

Living the life Wade.

Wade Rivers said...

I'm a roadrunner, dude.

Bowhunter said...

It looks like the chief is traveling in style these days. He probably even took a shower.
It doesn’t sound like you guys had much better weather than we did in Potter County. The kids went thru the entire wood stack, I don’t think they let it go out from Friday – Sunday.
How where the hatches? We had a good hatch on Friday then nothing on Saturday or Sunday.

Wade Rivers said...

"He (chief) probably even took a shower." -Bowhunter

That right there is a bold assumption.

The hatches were pretty much lame to non-existent because of the cold front, I guess. Friday had a lot of grannoms in the air, but none on the water. Then the cold rain & snow moved in and put the kibosh on everything. I did finally get into some fish working oviposting female grannoms late Sunday afternoon.

Chief said...

One good thing about the RBF Mobile Headquarters is that one can shit, shower and shave with minimal contortions. And since the shower head is not fixed, it doubles as a bidet.

eroc said...

Nice work and photos, as always! I tent-camped in site 101 on 4/13 - 4/14, and it dropped to 33F overnight. Top-water action was sparse at best but the big browns were taking Grannoms fished deep. Just love Poe Paddy!

Wade Rivers said...

Yeah, it's no Valley Creek (or the Tully) but it's ok in my book :^)

The bald eagles are getting a little out of hand though. Glen G and I were buzzed again At Close Range (like the Christopher Walken movie)down in the braids below Broadwater. Seems to happen almost every visit now and it's a little unnerving. Might have to start packing a sawed off smoke pole down in the gorge to level out the playing field a little.

Just keeeeeeeeeding, I think.

eroc said...

Ya forgot Ridley and the Brandywines. Now THERE'S some fishin...

We got "swooped" by an Eagle as well. Not a low level strafing run but more of a mid-level bombing pass. Impressive sight either way.