Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Deep Water, Ice and Snow

Pine Creek - Around Cedar Run, Pa.

Have fun out there and enjoy the clean fresh air, but watch your step as you recreate this winter season. Take Mother Nature for granted and she can come up and bite you on the ass. Despite the inherent dangers, some well prepared folks say that winter can be the best time of them all. But you might want to read the following story before you venture forth...

Tiadaghton State Forest - Seven Degrees Below Zero

Lantern Cabin

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Deathless Horsie

Let's beat that proverbial horse one more time.

Peck's Pond Viewshed
The editor was on the Upper Delaware River this weekend with good friends for the 2013 autumnal equinox. The attendant, and nearly full, harvest moon that night was obliterated by the clouds and rain of an approaching cold front.  Any particularly large fish I caught must have been obliterated by all the Jack Daniels whiskey I drank on Saturday night. The whole weekend seems so unreal. Waste is a terrible thing to mind.

Eminence Front

The Big East

Big East 'Bow

The Big West


Stockport Rainbow
photo credit: Greg G.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend
Crushing it

Upper Delaware River Rainbow
photo credit: Greg G.

Around Lordville

Border Town

Peck's Pond

Is it me, or is September just flying by?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wolf Run Wild Area

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Golden Eagle Trail

Wolf Run Trilliums

Shady Grove

Trailside Interlude

Beulah Land Vista


Houselander Mountain

Little Pine

God's Own Lantern

" ...I mean good manners don't cost nothing do they, eh?"